The most precious Sunday in my life

03 August 2008


first of all, i wish you a very happy "Friendship day"... to all my lovable buddies ..

I celebrated this day with my naughty guys Christo, Ganesh, kailash, Praveen, Sandeep & Vijay. They had a nice time with me yesterday and i hope we were the first to Party..! well quite before twelve(11.59.58) with ice creams and fun. It was actually a lucky coincidence at Hotel Brown star, since we started our party as a joined B'day treat by Myself(Aug '01) & Kailash(Jul '23) and ended up with Friendship day celebrations.

And the most happiest thing happened yesterday, was my cute wiry pappu@nithisha's visit..who departed India 2 years before, gave me a blowing surprise. She came to my home to wish me "happy b'day Ranji", belatedly.. and also placed a remarkable moment in my heart...

Ho Ho...!, Wat a Sunday it was...!!!

On this day, a thesis for you by your beloved Ranji...!, who may not be with you, all the time but hope i will stay in your heart forever,

I dedicate these special lines for My Friends and i feel this is the right time to express that.

Care without fare..!
Mock without mortification..!
Fight without enmity..!
Help without anticipation..!
Can't Live without me...!

On the Whole we always have an enchanting Chemistry and everlasting relationship, creating magic, that makes me happy as ever...!
Love You All..! Friends..!

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Guttu said...

Happy Friendship Day..
Your blog has nice design. But it's hard to understand the theme of blog. And there are no categories.

Still nice presentation.

Linkinparkdiehardfan..Amy said...

Hey! Happy Friendship day to you too! tx for visiting my blog... hahaha you know... i never knew today is friendship day... i never knew it... but tx to you for telling me... now i gotta go call my frenz and wish em happy friendship day!
by the way im Amy...

Share my point of view... said...

Thanks for the reminder of friendship day! I honestly forgot all about it. In fact I did not realize of its existence till you dropped by and left a comment. =)

Have a nice and enjoyable Friendship day!

Rudi said...

Hai Ranjith
Nice to know you
Be my friend!

add my link on your blog OK!

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