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04 August 2008

Chennai's Fashion store list appends one more with a scintillating outlet "Style One" at Gandhi nagar, Adyar.

It has been landmarked over an area of 40,000 sq ft, restrained with a variety of fashion outfits. Its peppy outlook in the street exerts a pull on you to take a look at its assorted classy garbs inside of prominent as well as people's favorite brand.

I had my purchase there last week, where my(our) zone was in the ground floor (Men's Formal) and first floor (Men's casual). You have spaces left for ladies and kids in the second and third floor respectively. It has its floor designed with all kind of eerie stuffs, each passionating us towards modern art and interior decorations. But according to me it lags behind since it has all its downsides that makes me compare with the leading outlets like shoppers, globus, lifestyle etc... moreover opinions differ among individuals, and hence i want the chennaiites to take a look on the store and give your unbiased comments.

Style one has launched its first flagship store in the city, stocking world's renowned labels in Menswear, Womenswear, Kids wear, Designer sarees, Infant needs, Footwear, Travel gear, Toys and more..., that sets you comfort in buying trendy..!

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