Marine Bacteria Inhibits Cancer...!

10 August 2008

Largazole, a marine compound derived from cyanobacteria, commonly grow on coral reefs which has been recently discovered off the coast of Key Largo in Florida slows down cancer cell growth. Its been significantly proved in the laboratory test and is likely to prompt the development of effective new drugs. Researchers are proud as this has been one of the most promising finds since the college's marine lab was established three years ago. "Largazole" was discovered by Luesch and gets its name because of its location (Florida).

Its structural features seeks out an enzyme called HDAC (Histone Deacetylase), which has been associated with several cancers such as prostate and colon tumours, and inhibiting HDACs can enable tumor-suppressor genes that have been completely hidden in these cases.

Although scientists have been showing their interest in mining depths of the ocean for marine products since the early 1960s, the support from many pharmaceutical companies were very lost as natural products were considered too costly and time-consuming to research and develop. But the fact is, there are still an ocean of natural compounds yet to be revealed in our seas for our common medication.

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Share my point of view... said...

Well, that's makes for a very interesting read! I'm rather divided on this matter, of course everything done naturally is almost always better. Sometimes, it isn't too practical to follow nature's way. For example, during a period of widespread pandemic, we obviously need something fast to control the condition. It's easier to do it chemically as the scientists have a controlled environment to test out for a solution. It'll be too time-consuming for the scientists to go on a massive search of nature's cure. By that time, it would be too late. Plus, we have limited natural resources, therefore it isn't the best to rely on nature to supply unprecedented cure for every human being. The stocks/cures are ought to run out fast and at the end of the day, pharmaceutical company will be forced to find a chemical substitute. Regardless, we must explore the nature to find some of its best gifts for human kind.

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