Sarees obliquely pushes Women to jail in Nigeria Interesting..!!

11 August 2008

Saris are the most widely used traditional attires for women in India. But the Nigerian Government passed a bill elucidating that womens who are exposing their midriffs in their traditional saris will be found foul and offensive. Also the Tourists in towelling wraps and Nigerian women in traditional dress with their stomachs exposed could be pushed themselves behind bars for three months or subjected to fines of $100.

This Order was passed by the senator, Eme Ufot Ekaette, who felt that nudity was driving men to engage in corruption and steal from the state in Nigeria. According to them, scantily dressed women were luring men. In turn they increase corruption and steal precious fortunes to spend for those woman by building colossal home for them in London, Rome and New York. They are being misled every time by a naked woman. Ishaq Akintola, a strong supporter of Akaette's from the Muslim Rights watch, strongly says "Nudity leads to corruption". Even the Police were supporting the law by maltreating women regularly by testing whether their body was exposed lower than two inches above the neck or more than two inches above the knee.

The Woman's Rights Groups strongly opposed the proposed law by calling it as "laughable". But they are very much worried with the Nigerian Government on their creepy thoughts. They also added by saying, Due to some seductive women's illegal activity the government must not rely pressure on the whole female community which may certainly stimulate a turn-on some women resulting in more pressing issues in the country, such as female circumcision, the high infant mortality rate and rape of babies etc.

This May be quite Funny to read but actually a serious issue in the state of Nigeria, and i also suggest this to our government..


RaSh said...

Funny post. Really weird decision by Nigeria gov I must say! :D

Helene said...

On one hand I want to laugh, on the other I find this quite scary.

Did you know there was a scandal recently in Italy because the Prime Minister had someone paint over the nipple of a very old painting which depicted "Naked Truth" and which was in the media room.

Crazy world.

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