Peerless Heroes at the Beijing Olympics 2008..!

23 August 2008

Fastest Man on Earth - USAIN BOLT

A 22 yrs old, Jamaican Sprinter holding 3 Gold Medals for the 100 metres at 9.69 seconds, the 200 metres at 19.30 seconds and, along with his teammates, the 4x100 metres relay at 37.10 seconds was the first man in the history to set world records in all three track events at a single Olympics. He was flashing through out the world media since a week with a nickname called "Lightning Bolt" . In his personal interview he said, if he was not a sprinter he would be a fast bowler instead as he is a Cricket lover and also a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Adam Gilchrist, Chris Gayle and Mathew Hayden.

His incredible performance at the Beijing Olympics 2008, held his whole nation to cry with celebrations and it will definitely require a century at least to redefine.

Fastest Man on Water - MICHAEL PHELPS

He is the most decorated Gold medalist and the unbeatable sea monter from USA, who sets a new World Record for holding eight magnificent golds at a single Olympic held at Beijing 2008 after crushing Mark Spitz's previous record. He grabbed Gold in 100m Butterfly, 200m Butterfly, 200m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley, 400m Individual Medley, 400m Medley Relay, 400m Freestyle Relay, 800m Freestyle Relay, with a world record timing in all the events except the 100m Butterfly Race but he however made to reach the final wall first by beating Milorad Cavic in one hundredth of a second. The sleek physique, stylish Diving, extraordinary aquatics with courageous attitude supported him to achieve his target and also created a phenomenon in swimming History.

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Laarni said...

I love Michael Phelps!:D

Linkinparkdiehardfan..Amy said...

mich phelps is so cute !!!

Linkinparkdiehardfan..Amy said...

i love bolt!!!!!! wooooo 2 of my fave man!!!

Steve Ballmer said...

I was there! These people are impressive!

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