PinG - PonG Camcorder & MP3 Player

07 August 2008

A ball shaped video recorder smaller than a ping-pong ball spins rating hits in most regions of korea, the home producer of this unique product. This mini Camball Digital Camcorder has a well packed architecture building all its functional components in a compact and tiny framework. It also encloses a MP3 player in built, enhancing users to flavor pleasant music experience by connecting a headphone into the socket equipped.

It can record videos with a resolution of 320 x 240 or 640 x 480-pixel in a standard MPEG-4 format, also includes a SD-memory slot expandable up to 8 GB. Additionally it encompasses USB connection with an effective user interface for simple and rapid transfer of files. Unfortunately this smart gadget lags in LCD screen and user interactive panel for framing and playback in the MP3 unit.

Its now available at most Korea's Funshop and also in online shops for an approximate price of around $185 to $225.

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