counter420 opens T20 Cricket in Newyork

07 August 2008

hi Friends,

Its been a new spread recently, that the New York police (NYPD) are off from their work in turn organizing a twenty20 cricket league, in order to build good relationship among the people from various disciplines and from different ethnic groups.

Players from Guyanese Indian origin, Muslim descendant of Pakistani and Bangladeshi, will play twice weekly till August end in the Twenty20 Cricket Cup held at Brooklyn's Gateway Cricket Ground. The entire league was planned well and successfully launched by the cops.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly during his coin toss session says, that the New York today is turning to be the home field for new immigrant and American-born players alike, many of whom excel at sports that local leagues don't traditionally offer. and with the support of them, young enthusiasts from Bangladesh to Brooklyn now can be expected to play there. The NYPD has long provided programmes for youth while promoting positive police-community relations. And certainly the Twenty20 Cricket Cup has proved to be the same. An earlier attempt was already made with a soccer league held on may which came out with a huge delightful response among the crowd and this was the second.

And they expect that this social pro gramme of T20 cricket will record a good response and reach the target audience more than that of the former.

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