Jewelry - The most pricey desire

15 January 2009

Jewelries, a kind of object that makes you too look pretty, and especially diamonds that wrap themselves around the neck. Out of which the most delightful costume jewelry made of diamonds, gives a scintillating look that attracts the eyes of its viewers. When we consider the diamonds with precious stones then its price will hurt us first but the worthy spending in jewelry makes our lovable ones happy, priceless…!

Recently I went through the review of Varuna Jani’s signature of couture jewelry which is inspired by water. The collection features over 40 pieces studded with Belgian cut diamonds, emeralds and Burmese rubies, and sport patterns of waves, fish scales, corals and other sea life. It was the most dazzling jewelry on the rack.

Also, the diamond relaxing in platinum build cots attracts the people to high-end. One of the most famous jewelers in India unveiled the platinum Orra Eternity Bangle, recently on shore. The glitter of diamonds is tamed with the elegance of a timeless platinum band. Each of these exquisite bangles is embraced by a set of over 60 brilliant diamonds carefully selected and etched to perfection by our master craftsmen in Belgium, who share a legacy of over 700 years, a legacy, which can be yours for eternity.

It's all in the heart

Joyful and successful cooking not only depend on know-how; it relies on the heart, makes great stipulations on the palate and require the everlasting zeal.
Slow food is an art that needs to be nurtured. Like the snail, it pauses every now and then, looks around and once rested, continues to embark on life's trail.

Medical Hair Restoration

14 January 2009

Medical Hair Restoration (MHR) was established in 1992 with the goal of providing artistic and technically sophisticated hair restoration and hair loss solutions to the growing number of people affected by hair loss.

To ensure the quality of surgery performed at MHR, Dr. Leavitt established a fellowship program to train other doctors in the practice of hair restoration. He wanted to hand pick doctors he felt were cut from the same cloth to train under the fellowship. He looked for specialists, usually dermatologists and plastic surgeons, with an innate artistic ability that could be further developed and improved upon. Today, this fellowship program is one of only a handful of formally recognized hair transplantation training fellowships in the world. The MHR program accepts only a few of the hundreds of physician applicants received each year because of the extensive, specialized training offered.


· Guaranteed results
· Affordable financing
· MHR surgeons combine surgical skill with artistry to create a natural-looking hair transplant that is customized for you
· MHR has more surgeons who are Diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery than any other practice
· MHR offers one of the few formally recognized hair transplant fellowship training programs; before joining MHR, surgeons must complete this rigorous fellowship program
· MHR hosts the annual Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, in which hair transplant surgeons from around the world train with MHR surgeons
· For convenience, MHR has 60 locations across the U.S. and offers reimbursement for those traveling more than 100 miles

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Reduce your breasts and make yourself amazing..!

08 January 2009

MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in UK, creating an amazing record of reshaping us. They have an exciting combination of over 25 years of expertise and unique fresh thinking. Not only that, MYA succeeds mainly with their most unusual yet co-operative staffs who are highly skilled and experienced surgeons and providing the most consistent and inspiring results to their trusted customers with a diligent aftercare. All these drive MYA to peek and make us feel predominant in the field of cosmetic surgery.

They are experts in performing Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping), Pectoral Implants (Male Breast Enlargement), Gynaecomastia (Male Chest Reduction), Liposuction (Fat Removal), Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping) and the most needed breast reduction surgery. It is effectively performed with some of their most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world. Now a days Cosmetic surgery are more common among men as can’t spend time in exercises and aerobics in this busy world. These surgeries are increasingly popular in UK where most are done in MYA. They also offer a range of affordable, flexible finance packages and free consultation to help create the new you. MYA with their wide network of consultation centers all over UK always makes us feel amazing...!

Eye on the fly

Macro photography is a lot of fun. Everyday subjects—such as this fly—look very different up close. I've taken many interesting close-up* in my backyard using a three-year-old Panasonic laimix DMC-FZ20. With the lens racked out to maximum zoom. I snap on a Raynox DCR-250 2.5X Super Macro Lens ($60, street) using a Raynos lens holder ($24, street). I find this much more practical than the usual ultra-close macros. With the Raynox, the maximum magnification occurs with (he camera still several inches away from the subject, litis way, the subject isn't shaded by the lens, and there's enough room for light to reach it. I can even use the on-camera flash, which I diffuse with a piece of milk-colored plastic. I photographed this fly at ISO 80, exposing 1/60 sec at f/8. I didn't use a tripod—I just leaned against a tree to steady myself. Try it, you'll find that the most ordinary things suddenly become very strange and beautiful.

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