Ranji Trophy getting bigger with Overseas Entry.

31 August 2008

The Indian cricket board on Saturday decided to permit players from international board to participate in its first-class domestic championship starting this year.

Sunil Gavaskar, Chairman of The technical committee BCCI, said state sides were now free to include one foreigner in their ranks for the Ranji Trophy contest.

Since the world wide response rose to unexpected heights for the DLF Indian premier league, the board secretary Niranjan Shah said in a press release that, "Four guest players are allowed to play in Ranji Trophy similar to T20 IPL held recently". He also says, "One among them could be a cricketer from foreign state who has played at least ten Tests and/or twenty one-day internationals."

The Ranji Trophy is the country's premier inter-state competition and a good performance here often makes a case for selection to the national squad. Former England batsman Denis Compton and West Indian pacer Roy Gilchrist had played in the Ranji Trophy during India's pre-independence period but the trend was done away with later on.

The BCCI had been mulling such a move for the past two years in the wake of dwindling spectator interest and almost negligible TV viewership.

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Way To Get Your Victory Hair

Victory Hair omes out when something turn hot with a guy or cold with a gal and finally pops out to be a stylish yet sexy facade, which we all especially gals love to...!

When i first tried my victory hair, it was quite funny but i could some how managed to get spruced. Its cool for ladies and my peppy chat mate with this shiny hair gazed gorgeous..!

Its now very easy to achieve your victory hair, just by playing VO5's
Ultimate Flirting Championship. I already owned an Extreme Style by VO5, why dont YOU..?

Its all about chatting, flirting, dating and huge junks of youthful stuffs.
Just play and have fun..!

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Cure Acne using CONDOMS

Lubricant from Number one plus Condoms mostly used by sex workers and gay men can be well-thought out as the best way to dry and remove acne. This lubricant is produced by health organization certified under Population Services International (PSI) and found to be an excellent remedy for acne. Even toothpaste (without gel), visine eye drops can do the same but the reaction rate is drastically low when compared with the lubricant treatment. It can be used by women of all ages to get rid of spots.

Its hard to believe but very effective, try it and give me comments on your good results...!

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Eggshell Therapy for Osteoporosis

25 August 2008

Osteoporosis is a disease commonly found among the old inhabitants in which bones become fragile and more likely to break. Prevention failure or left untreated, this disease can further lead to bone breaks also known as fractures. It typically takes place in joints, hip, spine, and wrist. Hence it should be prevented and here is the best way to get rid of it.


Eggshells are considered as trash, but they are the source of calcium which human bones can absorb almost 90% directly from them. Consumption of eggshell directly could be quite hesitating, hence try this therapy for 60 days (January - November) in a year.

Collect fresh eggshells, and soak in boiling water for 5 minutes, let it dry and grind it to amorphous powder. Take a tea spoon of them (0.5 - 1g) in a day, mix it with juice that is squeezed from one half of a lemon. Now add them in grains or cheese that is used for your daily meal. Strictly following this remedy will absolutely prevent you from Osteoporosis .

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Peerless Heroes at the Beijing Olympics 2008..!

23 August 2008

Fastest Man on Earth - USAIN BOLT

A 22 yrs old, Jamaican Sprinter holding 3 Gold Medals for the 100 metres at 9.69 seconds, the 200 metres at 19.30 seconds and, along with his teammates, the 4x100 metres relay at 37.10 seconds was the first man in the history to set world records in all three track events at a single Olympics. He was flashing through out the world media since a week with a nickname called "Lightning Bolt" . In his personal interview he said, if he was not a sprinter he would be a fast bowler instead as he is a Cricket lover and also a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Adam Gilchrist, Chris Gayle and Mathew Hayden.

His incredible performance at the Beijing Olympics 2008, held his whole nation to cry with celebrations and it will definitely require a century at least to redefine.

Fastest Man on Water - MICHAEL PHELPS

He is the most decorated Gold medalist and the unbeatable sea monter from USA, who sets a new World Record for holding eight magnificent golds at a single Olympic held at Beijing 2008 after crushing Mark Spitz's previous record. He grabbed Gold in 100m Butterfly, 200m Butterfly, 200m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley, 400m Individual Medley, 400m Medley Relay, 400m Freestyle Relay, 800m Freestyle Relay, with a world record timing in all the events except the 100m Butterfly Race but he however made to reach the final wall first by beating Milorad Cavic in one hundredth of a second. The sleek physique, stylish Diving, extraordinary aquatics with courageous attitude supported him to achieve his target and also created a phenomenon in swimming History.

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Sweet Buddy Sam Departs...!

16 August 2008

Hi Friends,

I was off few days from blogging since was quite busy spending time with Ganesh, my best friend, who left our gang yesterday night and departed to bangalore, to start his job in Subex. We nick him as Sam Diga..(Di...)(Ga...), an initiator of our gang, mesmerises anyone with his melting speech, simply a catalyst in our friendly bond. We miss him badly, which pains alot like almost we lost our finger, but this gap is not permanent as he promised that, he will join us every weekends. And we all expect you again in besant nagar, pizza hut, fruit shop, marry brown, satyam cinemas, KFC and our all time favourite Zion.

Come back soon Diga, we MISS YOU...!

Take Care..!


All The Best for a Bright Future...!

Singh is Roc"KING" the World

13 August 2008

Akshay's recent debut "Singh is Kingh", an Indian Films-Studio 18 release, honors to be the bollywood biggest opener in box-office acquiring around 595 million worldwide. From the day of start on August 8th, it's smashing a boom in theaters, grossing 450 million in India and yet stands worth for 145 million still in the overseas collection. The movie was very good and seems to be enjoyable as we could see the masti faces coming out after the show, apparently raising our expectations.

Cinimax VP marketing executive Devangh Sampath, gladly gave his comments, saying that, it has mopped up 25 millions in just 3 days which is 35 % higher than all the past records. It has come out all over the world including Trinidad, Germany, Netherland, Tobago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, NewZealand
, Malaysia etc., with 275 prints distributed in these Market.

Singh is Kinng, featuring Akshay Kumar and
Katrina Kaif, supported by Neha Dhupia, Om Puri, Kirron Kher, Sonu Sood and Javed Jaffrey has perfectly deliberated to huge success and trashes out all the latest bollywood block busters like Jodhaa Akbar, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa. The movie was produced by Vipul Shah.

"Life in Mars is Possible", Scientists Pronounced

12 August 2008

Scientists are confirming the fact that humans can survive on Mars and they also have clear proofs for the above statement in their successful research, that turned out in the Red planet.

Wickramasinghe, a globally-esteemed astrobiologist, briefed that like our planet Earth, Liquid Water combined with organic substances is found in enormous there and the meteorite that came from Mars are illustrating those facts, adding to it, the methane content in Martian atmosphere points out clearly that Contemporary Life is possible in mars since the corresponding research verifies them. He is also a leading advocate of a theory known as Panspermia, which suggests that all planets have been seeded for life by microbes from outer space and is thought to be a minority-view among scientists. Even in the media interview he said, that the discovery of subsurface water ice in the north polar regions of Mars - announced July 31 by US scientists - combined with earlier developments leads him to believe there is life on Mars.

But certainly this news was hidden to public which led to the confusion as many scientist conclude by saying that the American authorities are dithering from announcing it, mainly due to some political reasons.

Sarees obliquely pushes Women to jail in Nigeria Interesting..!!

11 August 2008

Saris are the most widely used traditional attires for women in India. But the Nigerian Government passed a bill elucidating that womens who are exposing their midriffs in their traditional saris will be found foul and offensive. Also the Tourists in towelling wraps and Nigerian women in traditional dress with their stomachs exposed could be pushed themselves behind bars for three months or subjected to fines of $100.

This Order was passed by the senator, Eme Ufot Ekaette, who felt that nudity was driving men to engage in corruption and steal from the state in Nigeria. According to them, scantily dressed women were luring men. In turn they increase corruption and steal precious fortunes to spend for those woman by building colossal home for them in London, Rome and New York. They are being misled every time by a naked woman. Ishaq Akintola, a strong supporter of Akaette's from the Muslim Rights watch, strongly says "Nudity leads to corruption". Even the Police were supporting the law by maltreating women regularly by testing whether their body was exposed lower than two inches above the neck or more than two inches above the knee.

The Woman's Rights Groups strongly opposed the proposed law by calling it as "laughable". But they are very much worried with the Nigerian Government on their creepy thoughts. They also added by saying, Due to some seductive women's illegal activity the government must not rely pressure on the whole female community which may certainly stimulate a turn-on some women resulting in more pressing issues in the country, such as female circumcision, the high infant mortality rate and rape of babies etc.

This May be quite Funny to read but actually a serious issue in the state of Nigeria, and i also suggest this to our government..

Recipe of the week - Chicken Tandoori...!

10 August 2008


- 12 chicken drumsticks, without skin
- 3 tbsp tandoori paste or tandoori powder
- 3 tsp ginger-garlic paste
- 1 1/4 c thick yoghurt
- 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
- 2 tsp each of coriander, garam masala, cumin powder
- 1-2 tbsp lemon juice
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 tbsp oil + additional oil for grilling
- 3-4 lemons halved and chaat masala - for serving


1. Make gashes in the chicken legs at several places with the tip of a knife or a fork.
2. Rub the tandoori paste and the ginger garlic paste on the chicken and let the chicken to soak, by covering it in a bowl and placing it inside the fridge for an hour.
3. Stir the remaining ingredients with the yoghurt.
4. Add the yoghurt mixture to the chicken and mix well, till a uniform coloured marinade is reached.
5. The marinade should be well salted and have a distinctive flavour of ginger-garlic.
6. Push the marinade well into the gashes you made in the chicken legs.
7. Let the chicken marinate inside the fridge preferably for 24 hrs or at least for 10 hrs.
8. Grill for about 20-25 mins or until cooked, brush it with marinade several times and lastly with oil.
9. Frequently turn the chicken pieces while grilling.
Squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle chaat masala over the grilled chicken.

Serve this scrumptious smacker hot with your favourite food and a glass of drink you prefer....!

Try it Out..!
Comment your experience..!

Marine Bacteria Inhibits Cancer...!

Largazole, a marine compound derived from cyanobacteria, commonly grow on coral reefs which has been recently discovered off the coast of Key Largo in Florida slows down cancer cell growth. Its been significantly proved in the laboratory test and is likely to prompt the development of effective new drugs. Researchers are proud as this has been one of the most promising finds since the college's marine lab was established three years ago. "Largazole" was discovered by Luesch and gets its name because of its location (Florida).

Its structural features seeks out an enzyme called HDAC (Histone Deacetylase), which has been associated with several cancers such as prostate and colon tumours, and inhibiting HDACs can enable tumor-suppressor genes that have been completely hidden in these cases.

Although scientists have been showing their interest in mining depths of the ocean for marine products since the early 1960s, the support from many pharmaceutical companies were very lost as natural products were considered too costly and time-consuming to research and develop. But the fact is, there are still an ocean of natural compounds yet to be revealed in our seas for our common medication.

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Beijing Olympics 2008 began with unrivaled Glory

08 August 2008

In this sole day ( 08.08.08 ), the world turns its fervent eyes towards media to watch the excitement awaited in the 2008 Olympic games at beijing. It will be the most pleasant and unforgettable evening for all who gathered at the national stadium, since the Chinese exhibited their tremendous performance in the opening ceremony and blasted a huge fame among the world audience, once again proving them as the best in Olympics before the actual game commences and also created a competitive pressure on London, the hosts of the 2012 Olympic games, to overcome them.


Initially it came out with a welcome music played by the Military Bands at the north end of the stadium. Then comes a dazzling Light, activating an ancient sundial kept at the corner making the audience to tremble with fury. The ceremony gets booted with Amazing multimedia slides bloomed all the screens around the stadium. People and participants from around the world are welcomed with a well-known saying of Confucius "Friends have come from afar, how happy we are." which was cheerfully beaten and sung by 2008 renowned performers.

Mind-blowing fireworks explodes out of the stadium decorating the sky like blossoming flower such that even a photo snap holds a luxurious look. President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge , Chinese President Hu Jintao , US President George W. Bush, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, INC leader Sonia Gandhi and few more chief guests were found in the media, taking their comfortable business class seats amidst the crowd.

Former gymnast Li Ning lights Olyimpic cauldron, after four-month-long Journey of Harmony delighting a spectacular end to the Ceremony, as he was lifted into mid-air with wires just then he received the Olympic flame, "ran" along the 500-meter-long brim of the Bird's Nest to reach the gigantic cauldron, which he ignited using the flame from his torch.

Beijing Olympics 2008 will re-define a milestone in the history for its fabulous opening presentation and also will be expected to reach the same through the event. The closing ceremony will bring down the curtain on August 24 before the Paralympic Games take over from September 6-17.

Get to know all about it @ BEIJING OLYMPIC 2008 Official Website.

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PinG - PonG Camcorder & MP3 Player

07 August 2008

A ball shaped video recorder smaller than a ping-pong ball spins rating hits in most regions of korea, the home producer of this unique product. This mini Camball Digital Camcorder has a well packed architecture building all its functional components in a compact and tiny framework. It also encloses a MP3 player in built, enhancing users to flavor pleasant music experience by connecting a headphone into the socket equipped.

It can record videos with a resolution of 320 x 240 or 640 x 480-pixel in a standard MPEG-4 format, also includes a SD-memory slot expandable up to 8 GB. Additionally it encompasses USB connection with an effective user interface for simple and rapid transfer of files. Unfortunately this smart gadget lags in LCD screen and user interactive panel for framing and playback in the MP3 unit.

Its now available at most Korea's Funshop and also in online shops for an approximate price of around $185 to $225.

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counter420 opens T20 Cricket in Newyork

hi Friends,

Its been a new spread recently, that the New York police (NYPD) are off from their work in turn organizing a twenty20 cricket league, in order to build good relationship among the people from various disciplines and from different ethnic groups.

Players from Guyanese Indian origin, Muslim descendant of Pakistani and Bangladeshi, will play twice weekly till August end in the Twenty20 Cricket Cup held at Brooklyn's Gateway Cricket Ground. The entire league was planned well and successfully launched by the cops.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly during his coin toss session says, that the New York today is turning to be the home field for new immigrant and American-born players alike, many of whom excel at sports that local leagues don't traditionally offer. and with the support of them, young enthusiasts from Bangladesh to Brooklyn now can be expected to play there. The NYPD has long provided programmes for youth while promoting positive police-community relations. And certainly the Twenty20 Cricket Cup has proved to be the same. An earlier attempt was already made with a soccer league held on may which came out with a huge delightful response among the crowd and this was the second.

And they expect that this social pro gramme of T20 cricket will record a good response and reach the target audience more than that of the former.

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Foldable Car by MIT's

06 August 2008

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Media Lab were engrossed in their innovation to reveal a lightweight electric vehicle that can in turn produce a break in Car owners choice. Its features are specifying cheap mass-production, flexibility, chic look and the most weird thing that they are concentrating in this research is to fold the car and stack it like grocery carts in various peak parking sites and in subway stations. hence it also could be rented by commuters under a shared-use business model.

The MIT team eventually re-engineered the lowly wheel into a kind of robotic drive system that will power the Car. Embedded in each of its four wheels will be an electric motor, steering and braking mechanisms, digital controls, and suspension, all integrated into sealed units that can be snapped on and off mainly to reduce carbon emulsion. It's called the City Car, and the key to the concept lies in the design of its wheels.

Its sleek design and extra-ordinary features creates a new alley in car manufacturing and indeed proving to be a rebellion in modern automobile technology.

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Style One - Chennai Owns a Style

04 August 2008

Chennai's Fashion store list appends one more with a scintillating outlet "Style One" at Gandhi nagar, Adyar.

It has been landmarked over an area of 40,000 sq ft, restrained with a variety of fashion outfits. Its peppy outlook in the street exerts a pull on you to take a look at its assorted classy garbs inside of prominent as well as people's favorite brand.

I had my purchase there last week, where my(our) zone was in the ground floor (Men's Formal) and first floor (Men's casual). You have spaces left for ladies and kids in the second and third floor respectively. It has its floor designed with all kind of eerie stuffs, each passionating us towards modern art and interior decorations. But according to me it lags behind since it has all its downsides that makes me compare with the leading outlets like shoppers, globus, lifestyle etc... moreover opinions differ among individuals, and hence i want the chennaiites to take a look on the store and give your unbiased comments.

Style one has launched its first flagship store in the city, stocking world's renowned labels in Menswear, Womenswear, Kids wear, Designer sarees, Infant needs, Footwear, Travel gear, Toys and more..., that sets you comfort in buying trendy..!

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The most precious Sunday in my life

03 August 2008


first of all, i wish you a very happy "Friendship day"... to all my lovable buddies ..

I celebrated this day with my naughty guys Christo, Ganesh, kailash, Praveen, Sandeep & Vijay. They had a nice time with me yesterday and i hope we were the first to Party..! well quite before twelve(11.59.58) with ice creams and fun. It was actually a lucky coincidence at Hotel Brown star, since we started our party as a joined B'day treat by Myself(Aug '01) & Kailash(Jul '23) and ended up with Friendship day celebrations.

And the most happiest thing happened yesterday, was my cute wiry pappu@nithisha's visit..who departed India 2 years before, gave me a blowing surprise. She came to my home to wish me "happy b'day Ranji", belatedly.. and also placed a remarkable moment in my heart...

Ho Ho...!, Wat a Sunday it was...!!!

On this day, a thesis for you by your beloved Ranji...!, who may not be with you, all the time but hope i will stay in your heart forever,

I dedicate these special lines for My Friends and i feel this is the right time to express that.

Care without fare..!
Mock without mortification..!
Fight without enmity..!
Help without anticipation..!
Can't Live without me...!

On the Whole we always have an enchanting Chemistry and everlasting relationship, creating magic, that makes me happy as ever...!
Love You All..! Friends..!

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Windows has all..!

02 August 2008

Generally keyboards in computer are mostly used for chatting and playing games. Despite its functional keys we keep Clicking the mouse to finish the work easier and faster. But it seems to be frustrating to use mouse several times now a days, as we work on multi-application environment with tabbed browsing. Hence we need a shortcut option to overcome this kind of situation, and that could be possible using the 'WINDOWS" key,

Windows Key ( located next to the Alt Key on either side of the space bar ) in Most Keyboards has been used very rarely by us. But actually it plays a great role in Keyboard shortcut functions to enhance superfast computing.

Here are some interesting shortcut actions that makes mouse dispensable.

Window key+D: Opens the Desktop screen in a jiffy, helps us to avoid wasting time in minimizing each window any more.

Window key+E: Opens the Explorer Window, helps us to browse folders and files on your PC ( Default: My Computer).

Window key+F: Unwraps Search Tab to search files on your PC.

Window key+M: Minimizes all open windows and flashes the Desktop screen .

Window key+R: Pops up the Run dialog box when you need
open applications, connect to servers, IP addresses and more.

Alt+Tab: Flips through your open applications like a page, so you can pick exactly what you want.

Window key+Pause/Break: Takes you straight on to System Properties, giving you info about your processor, ram and other tabs for more detailed specifications.

Window key+F1: "Your Help is just two buttons away", Pops out Windows Help Tab in a flick, where you get the solution for your queries.

Window key+L: Locks your Computer when you need to take a break and get your steaming cuppa or cold coffee. Windows will only log back after you type in the password.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Opens Task Manager. This is a substitute for that fuddy-duddy ctrl+Alt+delete. It lets you see what programs are running and you can close them if they're not responding.

Shortcuts helps in better Computing so try to use more of them in your work but not in your life...!

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