Sweet Buddy Sam Departs...!

16 August 2008

Hi Friends,

I was off few days from blogging since was quite busy spending time with Ganesh, my best friend, who left our gang yesterday night and departed to bangalore, to start his job in Subex. We nick him as Sam Diga..(Di...)(Ga...), an initiator of our gang, mesmerises anyone with his melting speech, simply a catalyst in our friendly bond. We miss him badly, which pains alot like almost we lost our finger, but this gap is not permanent as he promised that, he will join us every weekends. And we all expect you again in besant nagar, pizza hut, fruit shop, marry brown, satyam cinemas, KFC and our all time favourite Zion.

Come back soon Diga, we MISS YOU...!

Take Care..!


All The Best for a Bright Future...!


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