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02 August 2008

Generally keyboards in computer are mostly used for chatting and playing games. Despite its functional keys we keep Clicking the mouse to finish the work easier and faster. But it seems to be frustrating to use mouse several times now a days, as we work on multi-application environment with tabbed browsing. Hence we need a shortcut option to overcome this kind of situation, and that could be possible using the 'WINDOWS" key,

Windows Key ( located next to the Alt Key on either side of the space bar ) in Most Keyboards has been used very rarely by us. But actually it plays a great role in Keyboard shortcut functions to enhance superfast computing.

Here are some interesting shortcut actions that makes mouse dispensable.

Window key+D: Opens the Desktop screen in a jiffy, helps us to avoid wasting time in minimizing each window any more.

Window key+E: Opens the Explorer Window, helps us to browse folders and files on your PC ( Default: My Computer).

Window key+F: Unwraps Search Tab to search files on your PC.

Window key+M: Minimizes all open windows and flashes the Desktop screen .

Window key+R: Pops up the Run dialog box when you need
open applications, connect to servers, IP addresses and more.

Alt+Tab: Flips through your open applications like a page, so you can pick exactly what you want.

Window key+Pause/Break: Takes you straight on to System Properties, giving you info about your processor, ram and other tabs for more detailed specifications.

Window key+F1: "Your Help is just two buttons away", Pops out Windows Help Tab in a flick, where you get the solution for your queries.

Window key+L: Locks your Computer when you need to take a break and get your steaming cuppa or cold coffee. Windows will only log back after you type in the password.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Opens Task Manager. This is a substitute for that fuddy-duddy ctrl+Alt+delete. It lets you see what programs are running and you can close them if they're not responding.

Shortcuts helps in better Computing so try to use more of them in your work but not in your life...!

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a.i. editor said...

Hi, Ranjit. My name is Abas. I am a friend of Shiva (Selerines). OK, Bookmarked your blog for my visitations. Happy weekend to you.

A u d e e said...
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A u d e e said...

Very useful tips ;)
I love your post! It is featured in my Graphic Identity Blog: Biweekly Blogroll Links - August 3rd 2008
Happy friendship day :D

Nairobian Perspective said...

thanks for visiting my blog and sharing this wonderfultips

Abdul Basit Khawaja said...

woah...i bet a few knw abt these things...thanks for the wonderful information.

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