Beijing Olympics 2008 began with unrivaled Glory

08 August 2008

In this sole day ( 08.08.08 ), the world turns its fervent eyes towards media to watch the excitement awaited in the 2008 Olympic games at beijing. It will be the most pleasant and unforgettable evening for all who gathered at the national stadium, since the Chinese exhibited their tremendous performance in the opening ceremony and blasted a huge fame among the world audience, once again proving them as the best in Olympics before the actual game commences and also created a competitive pressure on London, the hosts of the 2012 Olympic games, to overcome them.


Initially it came out with a welcome music played by the Military Bands at the north end of the stadium. Then comes a dazzling Light, activating an ancient sundial kept at the corner making the audience to tremble with fury. The ceremony gets booted with Amazing multimedia slides bloomed all the screens around the stadium. People and participants from around the world are welcomed with a well-known saying of Confucius "Friends have come from afar, how happy we are." which was cheerfully beaten and sung by 2008 renowned performers.

Mind-blowing fireworks explodes out of the stadium decorating the sky like blossoming flower such that even a photo snap holds a luxurious look. President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge , Chinese President Hu Jintao , US President George W. Bush, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, INC leader Sonia Gandhi and few more chief guests were found in the media, taking their comfortable business class seats amidst the crowd.

Former gymnast Li Ning lights Olyimpic cauldron, after four-month-long Journey of Harmony delighting a spectacular end to the Ceremony, as he was lifted into mid-air with wires just then he received the Olympic flame, "ran" along the 500-meter-long brim of the Bird's Nest to reach the gigantic cauldron, which he ignited using the flame from his torch.

Beijing Olympics 2008 will re-define a milestone in the history for its fabulous opening presentation and also will be expected to reach the same through the event. The closing ceremony will bring down the curtain on August 24 before the Paralympic Games take over from September 6-17.

Get to know all about it @ BEIJING OLYMPIC 2008 Official Website.

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Cara said...

Wow, great post.

Thanks for this. I can't believe I missed the opening night of the Olympic. I might be able to watch it online later on.



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