"Life in Mars is Possible", Scientists Pronounced

12 August 2008

Scientists are confirming the fact that humans can survive on Mars and they also have clear proofs for the above statement in their successful research, that turned out in the Red planet.

Wickramasinghe, a globally-esteemed astrobiologist, briefed that like our planet Earth, Liquid Water combined with organic substances is found in enormous there and the meteorite that came from Mars are illustrating those facts, adding to it, the methane content in Martian atmosphere points out clearly that Contemporary Life is possible in mars since the corresponding research verifies them. He is also a leading advocate of a theory known as Panspermia, which suggests that all planets have been seeded for life by microbes from outer space and is thought to be a minority-view among scientists. Even in the media interview he said, that the discovery of subsurface water ice in the north polar regions of Mars - announced July 31 by US scientists - combined with earlier developments leads him to believe there is life on Mars.

But certainly this news was hidden to public which led to the confusion as many scientist conclude by saying that the American authorities are dithering from announcing it, mainly due to some political reasons.


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