Super Mario Saves Princess..! - A Good Imagination

17 September 2008

hey FrenZ..!

Hope you all are familiar with the game, SUPER MARIO. It is one of my favourite childhood TV video game, i spent most of my times playing this game missing my bath, my food and all other pleasures. I like this game so much. Even now i can find kids are crazy upon mario games and its various worlds, stages, castles etc. The main aim of this game, (i.e) the climax of this game is to find and save the princess, who is kept as hostage by a Dragon. And those who successfully destroyed the dragon are considered 'masters' in 'Mario' and you can all see a final scene of mario joining hands with the princess and he moves to the next world, am i right.?

But do any one imagined what happened to the princess then..!
Well, watch this video and find out what really happened NEXT..!

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