BANZAI - Get your Chopsticks Ready..!

29 September 2008

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

Banzai is a DVD betting game where people bet plastic sushi on the outcome of bizarre Banzai stunts from hit TV show of same name. Laugh, gamble, and party as you bet on Squirrel Fishing, Mr. Shaking Hands Man and much, much more..!

When i first played this game, i was quite confused with the rules but i visibly understood after having a look at the 'How To Play' section. Inside this game, you can find a Banzai DVD, a Community betting bowl with four divided sections with a seat base, 4 sets of chopsticks, 4 Sushi Bowls, 4 Sets of Chopsticks 100 Pieces of Sushi which includes Kung Fu Carls (Starfish), Tako's Ticklers, Loises, Chumps in equal proportions, 4 Sets of 5 Betting Cards, 4 Hachimaki (Headbands).

The rules are just simple, you have to watch the stunts from acclaimed Super Banzai Video Show, then bet on the outcome of stunt. To bet, players race to fill the betting bowl using only chopsticks. Bowls are filled with sushi. Whoever wins all the sushi, wins the game and the rest are rubbish. Isn't that amazing..!

I Love Tako(The Octopus)...!

Visit Banzai website now, purchase it online and have fun playing this screen life game with your friends and partners..!
Try it out and get me your comments..!



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