My Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe.

11 September 2008

Hi friends,

I Just Visited the Great american seafood cook off website, and gave my vote to the Recipe which i adore the most. I have also entered and submitted my details to win a Trip to New Orleans. Well, let me explain about the recipe which i liked in there.

Its 'Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet', a sea food recipe from Louisiana by Chef Brian Landry. There is something attractive in it, which made me to click that one despite the other four
in those five most appetizing cook off recipes . Yes, i like Shrimps very much and i mostly taste them during my outside lunch and dinner. To start with my favorite recipe, it has a delicious combination of andouille sausage and cannellini bean. Shrimp shells gets well seasoned with Creole in chicken broth and brushed with garlic, onion and celery adds stuff to the rich cassoulet. Cassoulet is a stew of beans baked with pork or other meats, goose or duck confit, and seasonings. Cooking with olive oil, parmesan takes the recipe to a luscious taste. Including thyme and green onions gives a magnetizing flavor to the cassoulet. Bread crumbs are covered to delight crispness finally. That it, what else left, i have to stop since my tongue started watering !

I want you all to have a look on the american
cook off site as soon as possible and vote for your favourite recipe that you see there. Dont forget to submit your details in 'Enter To Win' contest, who knows ! even you might be the one to win a trip to New orleans.


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