FORMULA 1 Gears Up at Singapore

18 September 2008

Its hardly 10 days left for the live action of 2008 FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

The inaugural will take place on 28 September on a street circuit of public roads around the Marina Bay area. This race is the first ever FORMULA 1 to be held at night, and is their first street race in Asia. Singapore GP Pte Ltd is the race promoter for the 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. It holds five-year renewable rights to stage the Singapore Grand Prix, beginning with the 2008 Season. The company is a partnership between Komoco Motors Pte Ltd and regional events company Lushington Entertainments, via its parent company Reef Enterprises.

More than 95% of the tickets have already been sold, with 40,000 of the 100,000 tickets available per day, or 40%, sold to purchasers outside of Singapore. It is assured that, in the three-day event, over 300,000 spectators will get to enjoy this unique race. So, its gonna be F1 fever through out this September in the bay streets of Singapore.

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