Large Hadron Collider team trounces death threats

11 September 2008

Physicists & Scientists proved their excellence by successfully conducting one of the world's biggest physics experiments yesterday amidst death threats that could even destroy the world.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a giant particle accelerator built by European science organisation CERN, started its atom-smashing activity in an experiment which has revealed some of the secrets of the Big Bang.

CERN science writer Kate McAlpine created a YouTube hit with her rap music video explaining how the massive, underground LHC works.

Here is the "Large Hadron Rap" below for an explanation of what the accelerator does:

When the accelerator is fired up, two parallel beams of particles will be blasted around the underground ring in opposite directions.

At four locations on the circuit, superconducting magnets will bend the beams so that groups of protons smash into each other in a giant chamber rigged with equipment to record the collisions and their aftermath.

By doing this the LHC team hopes to recreate conditions similar to the Big Bang and find answers to some of the biggest questions in physics, such as how to explain mass, gravity and dark matter.

Despite the expected scientific benefits, some fear the experiment could create black holes that will eventually swallow the Earth. German chemist Professor Otto Rossler even led a last-ditch legal attempt to stop the experiment.


Anonymous said...

I have this weekly reader book of 60 years (news for kids)...I was pretty disturbed to see a 1958 article about the H-bomb and A-bomb which was exploded deep inside the earth ..but this test proved the core of the earth was a big liquid ball.. this was the disturbing part this caused a ton of man made earthquakes that shocked all over the world...I thought if these bombs did this back then how much more then will we hear of bigger earthquakes coming as a result of this massive experiment.

Demcy Apdian- Dias said...

am here again today!

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