Pleasant smell, sweetens Dream.

23 September 2008

Study shows that Pleasant Smells ensure Pleasant Dreams during sleep and similarly Bad Odors for Bad Dreams. Naturally, bedrooms that smells good will always be preferred to sleep but researchers examined and proved that it is also responsible for sweet dreams during that time of sleep. This may sound strange, but the news comes from a German study in which a positive smell (roses), a negative smell (rotten eggs), or a neutral smell wafted through a sleep lab while 15 healthy young women slept.The women described the dreams they'd been having and rated how positive or negative those dreams had been. The women reported more positive dreams when they had smelled the rose scent during sleep, and more negative dreams when they had smelled the scent of rotten eggs during sleep. The type of scent didn't affect how long the dreams lasted or how bizarre the dreams were.

Hence, you can avoid nightmares and other ghastly experiences with the aidscent of pleasant smelling room sprays and roses by the side..Hilarious..!

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