Japanese Fishy Diet Ensures Safer heart

31 July 2008

Hi friends..!

This is for those who are looking in keen to minimize viable risk towards heart attack and its related disease.

Begin your diet with a non-fried fish or any seafood as served in most Japanese Restaurants . Because there is a study where most of the Japanese men are protected against clogged arteries, cardiovascular risks and other heart related problem by eating fishes like tuna, salmon, sardines etc. and the researchers identified omega-3 fatty acids, secreted in fish oil, as the source of medicine. This in turn has drastically reduced the death rate in Japan from coronary heart disease.

It is obvious from their eating habit, because on an average Japanese consume about 3 ounces of fish daily, while typical Americans eat them say perhaps twice a week. Statistically, Per day intake of omega-3 fatty acids from fish in Japan ranges 1.3 grams which is 6 times more than that of the US ranging only 0.2 grams.

Earlier studies by Sekikawa's team also proved that Japanese men had considerably less cholesterol upsurged in their arteries when compared to the whites in US-despite similar blood cholesterol and blood pressure readings, similar rates of diabetes and much higher rates of cigarette smoking.

The study enrolled 868 randomly selected men aged 40 to 49. Of these, 281 were Japanese men from Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan; 306 were white men from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; and 281 were third- or fourth-generation Japanese-American men from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sekikawa and colleagues found that the total level of fatty acids was similar in the three groups, but the percentage represented by fish-based omega-3 fatty acids was two-fold higher in Japanese men living in Japan (9.2 percent) when compared to white men (3.9 percent) and Japanese-American men (4.8 percent) living in the US.

So why cant we follow Japanese Diet here after...?

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LEGO celebrating its 50

28 July 2008

LEGO is an International toy manufacturing company and it is now celebrating its 50th year of building frenzy by happy kids and kids-at-heart, basically "LEGO" Blocks are the tiny plastics building toys that apparently reminds my childhood days where i spent most of the time with that in building innovations. It not only improves our creativity but also exposes weird curiosities in every kids mind with ensured standards.

On the note of its Golden jubilee Celebration, Legoland Windsor was all set to a new world record for the tallest tower made of Lego bricks. Thousands of children and their families helped put the final bricks in place to complete the monster structure, which stands nearly 100ft tall. The tower was positioned at the main entrance of the park with the shape resembling a Viking longboat mast. It is also marked as the opening at the Berkshire theme park as "new land of the Viking". Almost half a million (500,000) bricks were used by thousands of people especially children to get this massive work done.

"We are thrilled to bring the World Record to Legoland Windsor after four days of hard work, not to mention nearly 500,000 bricks, and it now stands at nearly 100ft. It has been a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lego bricks.", says Mr. Penny Jenkins, the Park's special events manager.

This massive Lego Tower of 29.26m (100 feet) tall was awaited for its official verification by Guinness World Records to redeem its previous one at Toronto in August 2007.

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25 July 2008

The HTC Diamond is deemed to be the business phone of the month as its launch in India has created a remarkable profit sales in most generous mobile outlets.

TouchFlo 3D technology

Its compact size, wiry outlook with well-groomed features like game-changing Internet, 3d touch screen and lots.., resulted a new dimension and so called the name TouchFlo 3D. With this technology HTC took a step forward in touch screen innovation. HTC TouchFLO 3D facilitates lots of eminent commotions which can make us feel as the best amongst previous creations like Touch Dual, Herald etc.

Most of its comparisons were made with Samsung i900, Apple iPhone 3G and pretty well sustained with its creative technology and also rewarded with excellent user rating *****.

Despite its usual features like messaging, email, music, photos, Calendar, weather and more, it adds animated access to people by initiating a new innovative touch-sensitive control in order to interact with Touch Diamond.

Specification redefines former with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, Built in GPS with A-GPS, auto focus Camera 3.15MP, Stereo FM with RDS , Blutooth with A2DP and much more...

Take a look at its detailed Review here..

"HTC Diamond", a clever gadget that can make out everything in Hand and also takes a best place in your shopping cart.

Ecstasy @ Sathyam Cinemas

24 July 2008

Sathyam Cinemas with its exclusive "Movie in Quality" experience, has now esteemed with the launch of Esctasy, a Mickael Besse crossed outlet annexed exactly along the driveway to the parking space. Many of us may miss them as it stares camouflaged.

Sathyam has recently started this activity mainly to fill cinema goers with the experience of enjoying retailed food especially desserts, before their awaited movie. Moreover i would say that this was not so earlier as these kind of bustles were common in multiplexes as i have seen so many in Bangalore.

"Ecstasy" with its modish interiors is Sathyam's formal food court with its wide variety of exotic desserts, pastries and drinks, that takes entertainment totally in a different echelon. It also increases independent revenue to its entertainment business.

Mickael Bessy, a pastry chef from france has revealed his own menu of desserts, coffees and teas and creates magic with few of his stuffs like Mikata, Le Chocolatier, Fraise' au Vin Chaud, Glace Olive well thats all i know.

So guys..! Take a look at the classy "Ecstasy", this weekend and give your comments on the favorite desserts you tried there.

Guys..! What do you think ..?

23 July 2008

Hi Friends,

This was a picture taken by me last Friday which really made me to sense. Because poor ones are commonly seen anywhere in India who begs, wander and take their shelter on road side. Usually we ignore them and moreover we don care on their activities or rather take pity on them. But when i saw that girl sleeping on road with comfort and security something made me to stop and i started to think about it, in turn it was highly confrontational too.

In spite of the busy traffic, Hot sun and lot of disturbances, she enjoys her sleep and i assumed those two dogs on her sides as security Guards for that poor juvenile gal. Mostly, Deprived People in India enjoys their daily life with these hard stuffs and unhealthy rations.

And i desolately Concludes that this could be the "Business Class for Poors"...!

Guys..! Wat Do you think ...??

At a Glance - HANCOCK

20 July 2008

Will Smith, Our Charming Black Chap, has recently acted in and as "Hancock" Which hits the hollywood box office despite bad reviews. I saw the movie last week, well its not such a bad one actually but when compared to some fascinating hollywood superheroes hit numbers like Spiderman, Fantastic four, Hulk and also to Smith's previous blasters Like Independence day, i-Robot, Men in Black, I am Legend then i would say that it's quite lagging. Every thing was fine in that movie, it has a good script with funny dialogues, we guys were laughing thro'ut the show. Even the screenplay, visual effects met the latest hollywood standards, but there's something dirty in the story...

The Story begins with Hancock (Smith), he is a drunk, irritable and burnt out superhero who protects his city from every day criminals. He has all the qualities of a Superhero but behaves annoyingly. usually his city savings comes at a very high cost for the Los Angeles public department and hence Hancock is more of a nuisance than a superhero. People Hates him and he hates people calling him "asshole".. :-)

Ray (bateman), one of a guy saved by Hancock is more dedicated about saving the world than his client's bottomline decides to work on Hancock's image. he also teaches Hancock basic ethics and moral behaviours including thanking people and being 'friendly' and Hancock suddenly Becomes a hero to LA Public.

The Story was fine till there but when we are back to seats after intermission, the movie makes us to feel like there is no difference between hollywood and bollywood..! as it takes a shabby turn. Charlise Theron (Ray's wife) also turns out to be like a 'superhero' like Smith and there seems to be some connection between Hancock and her. The rest of the movie was quite hesitating.
Atlast the story happily ended with fine action shots and sentiments..!
Hancock is an enjoyable movie for those who have never seen any of the Superheroes concept..!
The poor storyline has luckily helped to peak the Producer(Smith)'s Box Office.

A Super-Strong Paper as tough as Steel

17 July 2008

Lars Berglund, leading scientist of the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has developed a super-strong paper with his research team which is nearly as tough as steel- and is feasible for use in the construction industry. He also unveiled that this nano-paper is made from gently processed natural cellulose nano-fibres.

He endorsed the fabrication of the super-strong material to a new process that helps pulp wood without damaging the properties of the natural fibres, something that prevents them from weakening. The researcher hence conveys the secret to the nanopaper's performance is not only the strength of the undamaged cellulose fibres, but also the way they are arranged into networks. Though strongly bound together, he says, the cellulose fibres are still able to slip and slide over each other to dissipate strains and stresses. Berglund also says that the individual cellulose fibres are also much smaller than in conventional paper. "A regular paper network has fibres 30 micrometres in diameter, here we are at a scale three orders of magnitude smaller. The material (has) very small defects compared with a conventional paper network," Live Science quoted him as saying.

Researchers found upon mechanical testing that their new material had a tensile strength of 214 megapascals, which made it stronger than cast iron (130 MPa), and nearly as strong as structural steel used in buildings and bridges (250 MPa).

Isha was esteemed as jury in Miss Universe

16 July 2008

Well !, Eesha Koppikhar (formerly Ishaa Koppikar) getting lucky after her spell change in the name. Yes, She is honored as, "First Bollywood babe" to judge the prestigious Miss Universe contest after getting a surprise request to be one of the judges at the Miss Universe beauty pageant, which took place in Vietnam held on July 14.

She herself was into a confusion whether the news was to push her into rumors till she gets the confirmation from her Hollywood agent Simone Sheffield. Finally, Eesha shared space and was blissfully posed with big celebrities such as Donald Trump Jr, Louis Licari (international hair stylist) Melanie Brown (of the Spice Girl band) and Jerry Springer (who hosted the show), at the Miss Universe pageant. It is also to be noted that India's best F.D Manish Malhotra designed her attire on the final event of the show.

Google Introduces "LIVELY"

10 July 2008

Google, Known for its plain-Jane approach to Web design, has come up with something much wackier.

On Tuesday the company introduced Lively, an online tool that allows people to embody a cartoonish online avatar and have text-based conversations with friends and other Internet users in virtual chat rooms. The rooms can be added to any blog or Web site.

Google unveiled the new product in a post on its official blog — its characteristically understated way of introducing new features to the world. It can be reached (downloaded) at www.lively.com

but is officially part of Google Labs, an area of the company’s site where it showcases projects that remain in the beta, or experimental, phase.

Lively and similar products from other companies have the potential to change the way people interact over the Web. Online chat rooms are two-dimensional — they include text, and sometimes voice and video.

Lively tries to make that conversation three-dimensional, more interactive and more fun. As if they were playing a game, users choose from a selection of unrealistically handsome or Disneyesque avatars. They can also create their own rooms, which can be posted to a blog or social network profile as easily as a Youtube video.

Up to 20 people can occupy a room and chat with one another. (Text appears as cartoon-style bubbles atop the avatars.) Users can design their own virtual environments, hanging on the walls videos from YouTube and photos from Picasa, Google’s photo service, as if they were pieces of art.

So a new evolution of chat is going to begin with GOOGLE "LIVELY"...

Recipe Of The Week - Black Forest Cake...!

08 July 2008

Its always good to have a break and Lets try this Delicious Yummy Black Forest...!


• 225 gms Maida (all purpose flour)
• 400 gms Sweetened condensed milk
• 2-3 tbsp Cocoa powder
• 1 tsp Baking powder
• 1 tsp Cooking soda
• 125 gms Butter
• 200 ml Aerated cola drink
• A pinch of salt
• 1 Bar dairy milk chocolate
• 250 gms Fresh whipped cream
• 10 Cherries

How to make Black Forest Cake:

Place a thick bottomed pan on very low flame and melt butter in it.
Remove from the flame and let the butter cool.
Add condensed milk and mix well.
Sift maida, cocoa powder, baking powder, cooking soda and salt together.
Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture.
Grease a baking tray with little butter.
Dust it with maida and keep it aside.
Take a pan with little butter and put the maida mixture with the condensed milk-butter mixture.
Now add aerated cola and mix it well.
Pour the batter into the greased baking tray and bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 150 degrees C in oven or in pressure pan for 35 minutes in low flame ( you can test the finish stage by inserting a toothpick/knife and see whether it comes out clean).
When it is done, let it cool and then slit it horizontally into two.
Whip the cream till light and fluffy.
Sandwich the two layers of cake with whipped cream and designed cherries.
Top with whipped cream and cherries.
Grate dairy milk chocolate bar and sprinkle over the cake.
Serve it chilled.

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