Guys..! What do you think ..?

23 July 2008

Hi Friends,

This was a picture taken by me last Friday which really made me to sense. Because poor ones are commonly seen anywhere in India who begs, wander and take their shelter on road side. Usually we ignore them and moreover we don care on their activities or rather take pity on them. But when i saw that girl sleeping on road with comfort and security something made me to stop and i started to think about it, in turn it was highly confrontational too.

In spite of the busy traffic, Hot sun and lot of disturbances, she enjoys her sleep and i assumed those two dogs on her sides as security Guards for that poor juvenile gal. Mostly, Deprived People in India enjoys their daily life with these hard stuffs and unhealthy rations.

And i desolately Concludes that this could be the "Business Class for Poors"...!

Guys..! Wat Do you think ...??


Sajan said...

hello Ranjith!

Your message was heartrending.. Thankyou for a good post.

harsha said...

hmmm.. Good innovation,agonizing !

aleana, los angls. said...

hey buddy...
it'ws a good work..the picture looks lively ...
But where actually u took this one ?

Helene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

"Business class for poors"... Just across my street there's a poor man with a nice couch. When and how will poverty stop, I wonder.

Happy friendship day to you.

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