25 July 2008

The HTC Diamond is deemed to be the business phone of the month as its launch in India has created a remarkable profit sales in most generous mobile outlets.

TouchFlo 3D technology

Its compact size, wiry outlook with well-groomed features like game-changing Internet, 3d touch screen and lots.., resulted a new dimension and so called the name TouchFlo 3D. With this technology HTC took a step forward in touch screen innovation. HTC TouchFLO 3D facilitates lots of eminent commotions which can make us feel as the best amongst previous creations like Touch Dual, Herald etc.

Most of its comparisons were made with Samsung i900, Apple iPhone 3G and pretty well sustained with its creative technology and also rewarded with excellent user rating *****.

Despite its usual features like messaging, email, music, photos, Calendar, weather and more, it adds animated access to people by initiating a new innovative touch-sensitive control in order to interact with Touch Diamond.

Specification redefines former with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, Built in GPS with A-GPS, auto focus Camera 3.15MP, Stereo FM with RDS , Blutooth with A2DP and much more...

Take a look at its detailed Review here..

"HTC Diamond", a clever gadget that can make out everything in Hand and also takes a best place in your shopping cart.


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