At a Glance - HANCOCK

20 July 2008

Will Smith, Our Charming Black Chap, has recently acted in and as "Hancock" Which hits the hollywood box office despite bad reviews. I saw the movie last week, well its not such a bad one actually but when compared to some fascinating hollywood superheroes hit numbers like Spiderman, Fantastic four, Hulk and also to Smith's previous blasters Like Independence day, i-Robot, Men in Black, I am Legend then i would say that it's quite lagging. Every thing was fine in that movie, it has a good script with funny dialogues, we guys were laughing thro'ut the show. Even the screenplay, visual effects met the latest hollywood standards, but there's something dirty in the story...

The Story begins with Hancock (Smith), he is a drunk, irritable and burnt out superhero who protects his city from every day criminals. He has all the qualities of a Superhero but behaves annoyingly. usually his city savings comes at a very high cost for the Los Angeles public department and hence Hancock is more of a nuisance than a superhero. People Hates him and he hates people calling him "asshole".. :-)

Ray (bateman), one of a guy saved by Hancock is more dedicated about saving the world than his client's bottomline decides to work on Hancock's image. he also teaches Hancock basic ethics and moral behaviours including thanking people and being 'friendly' and Hancock suddenly Becomes a hero to LA Public.

The Story was fine till there but when we are back to seats after intermission, the movie makes us to feel like there is no difference between hollywood and bollywood..! as it takes a shabby turn. Charlise Theron (Ray's wife) also turns out to be like a 'superhero' like Smith and there seems to be some connection between Hancock and her. The rest of the movie was quite hesitating.
Atlast the story happily ended with fine action shots and sentiments..!
Hancock is an enjoyable movie for those who have never seen any of the Superheroes concept..!
The poor storyline has luckily helped to peak the Producer(Smith)'s Box Office.


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