Ecstasy @ Sathyam Cinemas

24 July 2008

Sathyam Cinemas with its exclusive "Movie in Quality" experience, has now esteemed with the launch of Esctasy, a Mickael Besse crossed outlet annexed exactly along the driveway to the parking space. Many of us may miss them as it stares camouflaged.

Sathyam has recently started this activity mainly to fill cinema goers with the experience of enjoying retailed food especially desserts, before their awaited movie. Moreover i would say that this was not so earlier as these kind of bustles were common in multiplexes as i have seen so many in Bangalore.

"Ecstasy" with its modish interiors is Sathyam's formal food court with its wide variety of exotic desserts, pastries and drinks, that takes entertainment totally in a different echelon. It also increases independent revenue to its entertainment business.

Mickael Bessy, a pastry chef from france has revealed his own menu of desserts, coffees and teas and creates magic with few of his stuffs like Mikata, Le Chocolatier, Fraise' au Vin Chaud, Glace Olive well thats all i know.

So guys..! Take a look at the classy "Ecstasy", this weekend and give your comments on the favorite desserts you tried there.


arshad said...

yeah thats a cool place

I hv been there with my fiance when i was about to watch Dasavatharan.

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