Lets Encourage Green Collar Workers.

23 October 2008

Hello Friends,
Employment sectors are distinctively categorized based on colors and we are all familiar with white and blue colors in them. Yes, the white and blue collared jobs were classified to know the employment strategy. White collar employment comprises paid professionals and office workers. Blue collar employment includes manual labor. Now a third sector is emerging and evolving in both esteem and support. It is the 'Green Collar Job'.

Green collar workers are employed to develop and maintain products and services that are environment-friendly. As we know, an organization that inquires maturity factors upon the environment is considered “green”; and if it occupies individuals to that affect, then it is certainly considered as green collar jobs. As far as Indian Economy is concerned, Agriculture is its backbone and it has all the support to evolve a Green collar community. I would certainly say that Indian Economy and even this World depends on Green collar jobs which further include any that involve the plans, manufacture, fix, functions and persistence of renewable energy and its efficiency tools. Now days beside Global warming and revenue problems, topics related to green collar economy is debated at the federal level.

Soon, we all can expect Green Collar Revolution that fixes so many bugs in and around the world.


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