Sea Wasp - Deadly Creature of the World

21 October 2008

We normally get rid of marine creatures when we talk about poisonous organisms in the world. It is because we often get to know about snakes that threaten us with slithering tongue and deadly venom. But snakes venom is certainly very weak when compared to few most deadly organisms that are tiny and common. On the whole, 'Sea Wasp' get the top rank in the researchers study. The name itself is deceptive since the creature isn't actually a wasp or insect at all. It is a box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) with its "bell" can be prolonged as big as a basketball with up to 60 tentacles hanging down upto 15 feet, which is pretty good sized jelly. It doesn't seems fearful on its appearance but its activities are worse and deadly to humans especially to the Aussies who were swimming in the surf along with the jellies and never even saw the tentacles.

The amazing fact here is how the stinging cells work. Each Tentacles bears tiny poison darts (like the sweat glands in our skin), along the entire length. The poison in tentacles is enough to kill its prey as close to "instant" with no strain and they can ingest them without any injury to themselves. This Clever attack of Box jellies are chemically generated, by just rubbing the surface of human skin or the scaly skin of a fish it can make them unconscious or even lead to death. Scientists proved that if the jelly's tentacles don't come in contact with the chemicals on human skin, the nematocysts won't respond and you won't get stung. Hence surfers and life guards wore a thin and flimsy as women's nylon pantyhose over their skin to prevent the jellies from stinging. It may look funny but it can save their life from the invisible deadly Stingers on Marine.


Bloguebo said...

wow really amazing underwater

vivin said...

wat is the size of this creature ??
it is said that the king cobra snake is the most poisonous creature in the world and is it that this creature more poisonous than king cobra (naja naja)

Ranjith said...

King Cobra spits venom that are rarely poisonous, venom is different from poison and its poison is no way comparable to certain tiny Dort frogs (phyllobates terribilis)in the world. Sea wasp are always poisonous and a deadly threat to Humans and Thats why it ranks in the top . Thanks for reading my post..

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