World's Most Expensive House - " The Beverly Compound "

07 October 2008

"The Beverly House Compound" is the most expensive home anywhere in the world with a whooping price of $165,000,000 ( i.e. approximately 95 million British Pounds ) in the market. This home was once owned by William Randolph Hearst where he lived with Hollywood legend Marion Davies. The compound is spread over 6+ acres and includes 6 different residences with a total of 75,000 sq. ft. of living space. The luxurious mansion encloses 29 bedrooms overall. The main building has nine of these bedrooms, as well as a two-story library with hand-carved paneling, eight fireplaces, two movie-projection rooms and a living room with 22-foot arched ceiling.

Also on the grounds are three other houses, an apartment, a cottage, two tennis courts, a tennis pavilion with bathrooms, three swimming pools, and a poolside cabana with two bedrooms and bathrooms. Getting dizzy yet? But wait, there are more selling points.

It is to be noted that Mr. John and Jacqueline Kennedy spent part of their honeymoon there, and it later served as the West Coast headquarters for Kennedy's Presidential campaign. Its interior elegance were still been hidden and unexposed to still cameras. However the house has been featured in many films, including The Jerk, The Bodyguard, Fletch and most famously The Godfather, where Jack Woltz, the producer resided there through out the shooting.

The Beverly Compound is not only considered as the most amazing residences in the world, but whoever buys it will also be owning a piece of California history.

And the price of all this history and luxury !
Well, enough to make it the most expensive home currently listed on the planet..!

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