By the Way - Am Back ..!

11 August 2009

It's been months together since i opened my page as i was totally busy with my much awaited professional career. Yeah! it happened! my dream job, my first job is now with me after an year's anticipation and worries, it's all set now "Am Back to Blog"..!
Am home now from Mysore where i had actually been 3 months ago for job training, got clinched into a weird initially but later a very pleasant environment that tranformed me from a homesick to a completely self-accountable person (mm..i would say, "Melancholy to Mature"). It was an amazing experience out over there, i had gr8 fun, everything was fine. I had many many lovable friends who were always with me and to whom i share everything that i had and lived with them for almost 90 days..OMG !
I still cant beleive it.. was all like a dream to me now..!!
Love you buddies..!!
Missed and still missing u all badly..!!
After my training got over, i was deputed to the job luckily(not sure) in my home town and now am an employee of LNT INFOTECH..!


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