The Best Video Application for Google Android Phone

11 August 2009

Now days with the “Go Mobile” concept of lifestyle we people prefer getting everything in our hand. Well, and it is the right time I would say for all Google android phone lovers to hold on and have a grip on the hot news that’s displayed below.
Android had recently unveiled their third innovation “AScinema". It is a peculiar video application for Google Android Phone, which can stream all of your favorite video collection from the web to your phone for free, isn’t that fabulous! The main function of this app is to create a virtual feel like as if the video is stored on the phone and playing. However, the streaming which is actually happening will be done remotely from a free Android Storage account to the phone. Android Storage facilitates the users with an unlimited memory space for all Android phones and appliances and streams the video content seamlessly to and from the phone. It's as if you have memory available locally, yet accessed remotely. So, there is nothing like waiting for a video to buffer and load on the screen. Access your favorite videos, and enjoy watching them in your phone with no more delay and disappointments with this amazing application by Android



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