Jewelry - The most pricey desire

15 January 2009

Jewelries, a kind of object that makes you too look pretty, and especially diamonds that wrap themselves around the neck. Out of which the most delightful costume jewelry made of diamonds, gives a scintillating look that attracts the eyes of its viewers. When we consider the diamonds with precious stones then its price will hurt us first but the worthy spending in jewelry makes our lovable ones happy, priceless…!

Recently I went through the review of Varuna Jani’s signature of couture jewelry which is inspired by water. The collection features over 40 pieces studded with Belgian cut diamonds, emeralds and Burmese rubies, and sport patterns of waves, fish scales, corals and other sea life. It was the most dazzling jewelry on the rack.

Also, the diamond relaxing in platinum build cots attracts the people to high-end. One of the most famous jewelers in India unveiled the platinum Orra Eternity Bangle, recently on shore. The glitter of diamonds is tamed with the elegance of a timeless platinum band. Each of these exquisite bangles is embraced by a set of over 60 brilliant diamonds carefully selected and etched to perfection by our master craftsmen in Belgium, who share a legacy of over 700 years, a legacy, which can be yours for eternity.


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