HP pavilion dv 6000 - My Gorgeous Gadget..!

01 November 2008

Hi friends,

Recently I got a laptop, gifted by my Uncle. I was extremely happy when I received and opened it after saying a bunch of thanks to him.

This is the first post on my all new ‘HP pavilion DV 6000’ Notebook about which I have already written a post on its reviews and specifications. Actually, I was given a choice to select a notebook model, after various perplexities and discussions I said him to buy this pleasure, entertainment gadget... Its awe-inspiring, “I Love it”.

As I mentioned before, it has a classy outlook with 15.4” HD Bright and Clear Widescreen Display (1280 x 800), Comfy Keypad, 1.3 MP integrated Webcam, Fingerprint Security, Sleek Remote Control, Express Card/54 Slot, Video Out and lot more applications that makes you feel exotic. Personally, when I had a first look on my laptop, I admired the design on the top face . Later I was puzzled with all its stunning hidden features and I am still excavating them. The soft touch multimedia keys are good to use but it’s rather annoying when I hit them unintentionally. DV 6000 is quite heavy but I am convinced with its outstanding features which make it so. I stored all my favourite images, songs, personal data and documents into it. It just made me to wait for 2 minutes to copy the entire DVD, so that my whole file transfer session took 10 minutes roughly. As soon as I organized my Music Library, I plugged-in the headphones to listen songs and I was staggered on hearing the High-Definition 3D Sound which I have never experienced before. Its audio performance is mind blowing when heard in headphone jacks and quite low in its built-in Altec Lansing speakers. It has a provision to tie external speakers to produce surround sound as similar to desktop PC’s. The elegant interaction of Windows Vista operating system fills your regular computing with advance graphic features. Few unavoidable problems Such as weight, battery life, processor heat are common in my laptop too but on the whole, I am very much pleased to get a hold of it...!


Tina said...

you gave a wide choice for me to choose HP Notebooks, Thanks.

Good Blogging There..

friendz said...

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Abdul Basit Khawaja said...

Some wise guy said better late than never...so I am here..and congratulations on your new laptop. As you have got good writing skill I believe you will put it to good use. Best of luck and visit my blog too. Sorry I my posts are too long. But, I will be happy if you read them. It will help you understand Islam and Pakistan more. Moreover, it will remove misconception about the both if you have some. :)

Marc M said...

Cool computer...may be I should switch from my Dell Inspiron to a HP!! cool blog btw.

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